Friday, February 29, 2008

"Solo Flight"

Artist: Mike Davis
Gallery: White Walls Gallery
Opening Receptiion: Saturday - March 8, 2008
Exhibit Dates: March 8, 2008- April 5, 2008
Address: 835 Larkin St.

The art work that challenges my mind, plants new ways of thinking, and provides me greater insight, tends to be pieces that I would not want to purchase to have hanging in my home.

Maybe such pieces are best in grande galleries. A place everyone can view them and gain internal growth and new insights. Everything has a place and is destined for it.

From the email press release for the show:

Mike will be showcasing 25 new works and some drawings that will be featured in his upcoming book titled "Blind Man's Journey" due out this year. Mike D's new work is about our journey through life, stumbling around in the dark finding our way through life experience and learning from our own mistakes.

His work,surreal and random, is inspired by pre-WWII art, Mannerist art and most things Renaissance. Heavily inspired by early Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch and infamous Lowbrow painter Robert Williams, Mike's work is full of symbolism. Everything has a purpose, everything means something.

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