Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Excerpts from The Journal

I received entry XXI of the Journal this week and am loving it! Here are some parts that I deem share-worthy.

Interview with Helmut Lang:

Neville Wakefield: "Do you get bored easily?"

Helmut Lang: "No, not really. I never analyze things to the end either. I prefer an intuitive flow. But sometimes I get bored by predictability. I do really enjoy that lot of things are more unknown to me with a different perspective , which is good because knowing too much can hinder you."

From Miranda July's site "Learning To Love You More"

Assignment #55
Photograph a significant outfit.
"What I was wearing when I first began to develop my own interests...and understand my serious vehicle-loving, goldfish-eating, slipper-wearing self."
Noah HD
Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

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