Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lauren Cohen Photography

In my attempt to look for a bay area artist of the same name, I discovered the New York based photographer Lauren Cohen. She organized her website by Occasions, Television, Documentary. I found Documentary to be the most interesting. Documentary is broken down into three categories: Memories, Moments, Multiples. Great alliteration, yes! Also, they go backwards in chronological order by human life stages. A great way to savor each phase of life.


Her images aren't glamorous nor something you want hung on your wall. After being invited into people's homes in Argentina, these images remind me of the basic forms of American life. Many people living in a weaker economic system glaze over when thinking about living in the US. Being one who lives here I think, "we still have life and death, it just looks prettier."

I chose this aerial shot since I love looking down over acres of varying land masses, or just a swimming pool scene.

The hallway bucket shot is so typical of kids! I love it. Reminds me of nannying!

Who doesn't enjoy a good superhero gathering!

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