Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Alex, Chris, Amy

Artists: Alex Lukas, Chris Pew, Amy Casey
Gallery: White Walls
Show Dates: January 12 2008- February 2, 2008
Address: 835 Larkin St

Did you make it to the opening? I was still in Argentina at that time, but am glad to go check out the work with friends at a less busy time.

I'm realizing that crammed, scene-y, opening nights at art galleries are just as sweaty and non-art focused for others as they're for me. But...often are my only chance to catch the artist, get free drinks, meet some new kids, and go to the gallery with friends.

So, here are some handy maneuvers for creating a new opening night experience.

Handy Maneuvers Edition 1

Get there well after the opening hour.
Go for drinks before hand (even though they might not be free).
Go to galleries in new areas, so if all else fails you can explore.
See if they have a "closing reception" and go to that.
Make friends with the interns working there and make a special non-opening night rendezvous.
Make friends with the artist and chill when they are hanging their pieces.

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Nathan said...

I fixed the Alex Lukas links - he's changed his website since I posted about him originally. Thanks for checking in at my blog.