Saturday, December 29, 2007

Xul Solar

Artist: Xul Solar
Showing: Museo Xul Solar

I thought I entered a dungeon-basement-storage space when I walked in the museum (Solar's past residence). Then looking at the paintings, everything merged together and made so much sense!

Of all his paintings I really enjoyed the 1920's and 1950's.

You will notice his futurist inclinations.

Ña Diáfana - 1923 - Acuarela - 26 x 32 cm

"In terms of painting, the Futurists wished to galvanize the static Cubist sill life: �TThe movement we want to reproduce on canvas will no longer be one single, fixed moment of universal dynamism. Quite simply, it will be dynamic sensation itself. For everything moves, runs, changes rapidly. No outline is ever still before our eyes: it appears and disappears constantly."link

Tú y Yo - 1923 - Acuarela - 26 x 32 cm

Take note of the rainbow colors below. Information on the museum site says Solar was married to a woman but I got the impression that his relationship with Pettoruti was more than buddy buddy...I have found nothing to support this theory.

Pan Arbol - 1954 - Acuarela - 35.5 x 23.5 cm
The sharp colors, use of geometric shapes, and formulas fascinates me.

Pan Arbol - 1954 - Acuarela - 35.5 x 24 cm

Other mentionables about Solar:

Full name: Oscar Agustín Alejandro Schulz Solari
Created and maintained two new languages: “neocriollo” and “panlengua”
Illustrated books for Borges (for this I give him many bonus claps!)

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