Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tabitha Calhoun @ 20 goto 10

"White Out"
Tabitha Calhoun
thursday, december 6, 2007
679 Geary Blvd

A more atypical gallery experience than most. Their past shows were titled:

"You Eat Maggots"
"Free Beer"
"When Electronics Become Art"

The beginning of their "about" page.

"20 goto 10 is a reference to the basic programming language. its :
:.... found in a simple program that repeats forever, typically :
: printing only one message indefinitely. beyond that i have no :
: : : coherent goal. i am lost, trying to familiarize myself with a :
::: landscape that i know little about. 20 goto 10 is not really an :
: art gallery. maybe its a science fair or a research project, but :
im sure that it has a door, white walls, a front window and :
people. "

For a more interactive art experience and less serious scene head their way this Thursday!

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