Friday, December 21, 2007

Oscar Bony @ MALBA

Artist: Oscar Bony
Exhibit Title: El Mago

Oscar Bony = a social experiment. Taking video & still images he asks us what we think of the actual and the reproduced. I guess this is what most artists do...
I like his pre-reality T.V. experiment La familia obrera and videos that caused controversy. To some he is more well know for his rock band photographs, which gave him main stream popularity.

El maquillaje (Makeup)

One of four 16mm shorts films: El Paseo (The Stoll), Submarino (Yellow Submarine), El maquillaje (Makeup),and Climax. The Climax reels are lost till today.

Sunusoide o Estructura

From the series "el triunfo de la muerte" (the triumph of death)

"I believe the thing is to find a nail and hammer it all the way to the center of the Earth, to find one very small thing and take it deep inside."
Oscar Bony, Buenos Aires, 1993

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