Sunday, December 23, 2007

La Feria at Plaza Serrano

Local Artists
Plaza Serrano

I love stepping out my front door Friday through Sunday and into sidewalks of creative and friendly artisans. Plaza Serrano holds a small feria, but so convenient that I can't help but wonder through when I get a chance. Today I was able to meet some artists and get photos of their work. And here are the best!

Marcelo Baliquinta

(The little guy in the flower's sharp chops makes this one my favorite. I can't help but chuckle a small one when I see him!)

Alejandro Thornton

Check out his conceptual dot work here!

Sebastian Chillemi

I see a minimalist collage thing mixed with Catholic imagry going on here.

Great color!

Viviana Derderian

Usually, I am not into work that uses Cubist techniques, which I see going on here. But I think the mood of the painting stands out more to me and also changes the style a bit.

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