Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sarah's Choirs

Above: Gleam Like Amethyst
48” x 24” acrylic on wood

Weekends bring quiet days in the Financial District, as we all know. The Yerba Buena Alliance's gallery walk was perfect for such quiet streets. Six galleries within three blocks, all but one greeting viewers with traditional treats of wine and delicious cheese. Unfortunately, I did not make it inside Crown Point Press. On my way over, I heard sirens and watched red engines turn the corner towards the gallery entrance. Little did I know, until I opened the door to find people evacuating, that indeed the fire was inside. Not to worry, first Thursday's is coming up and I'll be back!

I spent more time viewing "Sugar Hinged" by Sarah Sohn, than I did anywhere else the whole Gallery Walk. Her work emits femininity, cellular construction, transparency, and delicacy. The depth her work contains, continually surprises you.

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