Sunday, April 29, 2012

Dreaming of Zebras

More of my own experimentation with Photoshop Touch. Two images, one from a google image search on zebras, the other original photograph of my bedroom wallpaper. 

I was at Guerrero Gallery last night to see Hillary Pecis' current body of work created with digital collage.  There are about eight 2D pieces and one short film on exhibit.  At first glance the pictures are beautiful and then you get a skeptical thought in your head about how challenging they actually were to make. I asked my friend, a gallerist and digital designer how much work one of them would take. She diminished my skepticism by explaining the various steps Pecis had to take to get everything aligned correctly, not to mention determining the location for each layer.   Really when it boils down to it, digital collage is not easier than regular collage, if anything it is more involved.

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